IMG_1487Hello World!

I am KaRee. I am called Wife, Mom, and Friend of God. I have always loved to TALK… so writing is just a natural fit. I want to use this blog to share ideas about my Faith, my Family, my Health, and my Dreams. This a space for you to know me and me to know you. I want to hear about your world and how you have lived this far with all the challenges in life that come.  So….Let’s Talk.

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  1. Blessings, peace and grace (favor) continue to be to you, Karee, and to your family. I’ve read a couple of your comments on Leadership Freak and love the highly intelligent parallels and analogies you make between leadership and your family management. So I was curious, clicked on your name and read your intro…and it was quite beautiful, peaceful and purposeful. You’re right…God blessed you with the gift of talk…and you did not waste that talent (as in the scripture of the three men given the “talents” and sent out to invest or develop them): You turned your talent into writing and sharing and reaching out and connecting with others. Keep up the “wonder-filled” life.–Rick

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