Thank You. Two simple words. One meaning.  I have really begun to reexamine how I use words but more than that if I am sincere in how I use them towards others. I say thank you ALLLL day long. I say it to my children for keeping their rooms clean, to my husband  when he opens the car door for me, and to cashiers at Wal-Mart after I spend $100.00 instead of $10.00. But what I really want to focus on,  is how to change what I say by understanding WHY I say it.  Words have power and although when I was younger I said,  “Sticks and
Stones…..but words will never hurt me,” I realized that was a lie, my feelings are hurt by careless words and most of the time I responded by saying careless words to someone else.

My own personal goal for the next 24 hours is to know why I speak the words others hear. Do I want to build them up, tear them down, give me an advantage, or just hear myself talk. I want to know when I speak to those I love that ‘s exactly what they hear. Pure Love. Pure Thanks. Pure Appreciation. Pure Truth.

Thank You for letting me talk to you about a life lesson.

Happy New Life!




Please Hold……..

It seems like yesterday that you could use a landline telephone, dial a number and a real LIVE person would answer the other line.  Unfortunately, today when you hear the phone ring on the other side is a human voice recording offering you an endless amount of options to “get you to the right person” but you never really speak to a person.  I have called my cell phone company and become so frustrated with the IVR (interactive voice response)  that I have hung up and called right back and pressed every button on the dial-pad to prayerfully reach a person. When I finally hear, please hold for the next available representative, I do my happy dance.

However, the dance is short-lived because I have to HOLD! My first thought is, where did they get this music from? My second thought is, why are they asking me to purchase the newest accessory and I haven’t even spoken to a representative yet. My third question is, why does the recorded message say, “We know waiting is difficult, your time is valuable, BUT PLEASE CONTINUE TO HOLD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Holding is torture…it is a constant reminder that you cannot complete this task nor focus on anything else until you are finished. It is a thorn in the flesh, because I attempt to complete other tasks on my to-do list for the day while I’m holding. But today I learned a very valuable lesson. I can do many things while I place my home phone on speaker and keep my right ear honed in on the holding music; I can cook dinner, help with homework, call on my cell phone if I need to speak to someone else, have a conversation with my husband all while on hold, but you say well what’s the lesson….

I am not paying attention to anything! I’m on HOLD, meaning my attention is divided and those around me only have the shell of me, not all of me. The hold causes me to be absent in  my present life. I function normally but we all know there is a slight dysfunction once we hear,”thank you for calling….how may I help you.”  My spectacular ability to multitask crashes instantly and the only thing that matters is the voice on the other end. How often are we only living a shell of our existence waiting for the voice on the other end to answer? Today, take your life off hold, hang up, and LIVE!

Happy New Life

Psalm 90:12 Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.