Crick in My Neck?!

This morning I woke to a crick in my neck…. Man it hurt! We have all experienced that kind of pain that is so dull, but yet so invasive that we will do anything to make it go away. If you are like me you tried to turn over and sleep on the other side, praying the pain might work itself out, but when you get up it’s still there. This pain today caused me to think about pain in life and how we tend to avoid dealing with it.

Webster defines crick as a, “sharp powerful spasm of the muscles as of the neck or back.” I thought, why only the neck or back and then I understood those two parts affect your mobility, the power to get up and change! So because I love words that definition prompted me to look up massage, which is the natural remedy for a crick. Massage is defined, “the act or art of treating the body by rubbing, kneading, patting, to stimulate¬†circulation, increase suppleness and relieve tension.”¬†¬† Translation-Pain is Necessary. It is an indication that the body is out-of-order and a massage will stimulate circulation, return the flow back to normal for my body to be able to MOVE!!!!

So the next time you have a crick in your neck, ask what in my life is out-of-order!

Happy New Life!