And now, The Rest of the Story

“And now,  the rest of the story”, with these words Paul Harvey completed some of the most intriguing stories ever told on public radio.

My life is not on the radio, and sometimes I think it’s not that interesting so who would want to know me or what I am about? I think the daily grind of my world is just that, mine. I do what most mothers do, what most wives do and I don’t think that deserves any type of recognition or does it? You know I have taken this journey in writing this blog and really reflected on the rest of my story. I have quite a bit of life yet to live,  so if I sabotage myself in thinking I will do nothing more that what I am doing now, my story is over.

How many of you have ended your story in your life? How may of you have taken one thing that happened to you and made it your entire story? Please understand what I am saying to you. Life is full of difficulty, change,  and triumphs, but the beauty of life is its ability to in one moment be unbearable and be fully relieved in the next. How many times have you looked over your life,  and said, “whew, I’m glad that’s over.” See that’s just it, things come in and they go out, but what matters; family, friends, love, and peace remain. Those are the tools we need to use to write our story.

This year, 2014  is only 19 days young, meaning we still have 346 days yet to be seen or lived. Don’t waste time planning and have NO ACTION to work the plan. Pick one thing you want to do and do it. You wanna know how I found the strength to do this? I can’t swim, so instead of talking about learning, I drove to our Family Recreation center and signed up. I was shaking, because I have a slight fear of water and being in it too long makes me uneasy. But I paid my money and in two weeks my lessons start. I have been practicing, where? In the shower of course, I mean I don’t want to look totally ridiculous! Now it’s your turn, what is one thing you want to do, make a plan and then ACT, and let this year be “your rest of the story.”

Happy New Life!!


I Love You, BUT

Every girl dreams of hearing her Prince Charming say, “I Love You,” falling into his arms and then riding into the sunset for the best life ever , sorry, happily ever after :-). BUT,  this is not a good story, this is Real life!  Love is such a powerful word, that evokes emotions, feelings, and actions that the best men and women cannot explain. Love makes you do crazy things, you know like staying up all night talking which eventually becomes hours of “no you hang up first” statements.  Love makes you spend hours fixing your hair, hours washing your car, and hours standing in the mirror obsessing if this is the right outfit. Although, many have tried to outwit Love and made oaths to never fall prey to its trap, they failed. If you have lived longer than a day you have been caught by the love bug.

So, what’s the big deal about saying those famous three words. I am a woman, and I promised myself, He would say it first, because than I would know he was serious about me. In my first “adult” relationship I would practice saying those words, formulating my mouth to look kissable, and making sure my body language was calm. I would practice writing my name, you know using His last name. I would not sleep at night planning the perfect occasion to say those words. Yet in life you are not prepared to hear, ‘ I Love You, BUT.”

But, is a conjunction that alerts the hearer or reader that what is about to come is going to be in total contrast to what you just heard. I know as a parent I never want to hear, But Mom, I did, But it’s not my fault, But, But, But!!!! What do you do when those famous three words come with a but? If you are honest, you might fight, than cry, than fight some more, however it doesn’t change the truth of what you just heard, they do not love you.  What’s important now are the words that follow the but, for there you will find out where you need to change.

I love you but, you’re selfish, to busy, make no effort to communicate, always keep secrets and lie. I love you but, You don’t love Yourself.  Let’s commit to thinking before speaking and using the word Love only when we have loved ourselves first for then there will never be a But!

Happy New Life!

Please Hold……..

It seems like yesterday that you could use a landline telephone, dial a number and a real LIVE person would answer the other line.  Unfortunately, today when you hear the phone ring on the other side is a human voice recording offering you an endless amount of options to “get you to the right person” but you never really speak to a person.  I have called my cell phone company and become so frustrated with the IVR (interactive voice response)  that I have hung up and called right back and pressed every button on the dial-pad to prayerfully reach a person. When I finally hear, please hold for the next available representative, I do my happy dance.

However, the dance is short-lived because I have to HOLD! My first thought is, where did they get this music from? My second thought is, why are they asking me to purchase the newest accessory and I haven’t even spoken to a representative yet. My third question is, why does the recorded message say, “We know waiting is difficult, your time is valuable, BUT PLEASE CONTINUE TO HOLD!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Holding is torture…it is a constant reminder that you cannot complete this task nor focus on anything else until you are finished. It is a thorn in the flesh, because I attempt to complete other tasks on my to-do list for the day while I’m holding. But today I learned a very valuable lesson. I can do many things while I place my home phone on speaker and keep my right ear honed in on the holding music; I can cook dinner, help with homework, call on my cell phone if I need to speak to someone else, have a conversation with my husband all while on hold, but you say well what’s the lesson….

I am not paying attention to anything! I’m on HOLD, meaning my attention is divided and those around me only have the shell of me, not all of me. The hold causes me to be absent in  my present life. I function normally but we all know there is a slight dysfunction once we hear,”thank you for calling….how may I help you.”  My spectacular ability to multitask crashes instantly and the only thing that matters is the voice on the other end. How often are we only living a shell of our existence waiting for the voice on the other end to answer? Today, take your life off hold, hang up, and LIVE!

Happy New Life

Psalm 90:12 Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.